There are a thousand years of History to relive in the ancient cities, the busy streets, the walls of the heritage sites and the traditions of the people.

Join us on this trip and get a taste of Porto’s and Northern Portugal’s unique hospitality and charm. One region with four world heritage sites and much more to discover. In Porto and the North of Portugal, history intersects with modern times; breath-taking landscapes shine and provide unforgettable experiences.



This region is served by a modern airport with connections to several destinations. The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport has direct and simple connections to the metro and also buses to the centre of Porto.

The commerce in the streets and galleries tremble with the vintage shops, traditional markets, gourmet specialities and urban handicraft. The gastronomy from the north is rich, healthy and inimitable and the wines of the region are unique, aromatic and surprising.

We have sun, sea and river, culture and entertainment. We have festivities, life, modernity and excitement.

Can you resist the relaxed atmosphere of a golf day? Challenge those who want to improve their handicap for a tournament at one of the professional golf courses in Northern Portugal!

There is a vast choice of things to do, places to see, people to meet and emotions to feel.

We receive with the charm of those who live their life with intensity!
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