The perfect companion of a King’s golf.

First opened in 1910, Vidago Palace was created to provide its discerning clientele with rooms and facilities fit for a king.

Unique and exclusive, the Vidago Palace Hotel is the perfect combination of luxury and the natural beauty of a Centenary Park! Like an enchanted world, the Palace extends an invitation to enjoy unforgettable experiences, in a setting of sophistication and splendor imbued with the charm and romanticism of the Belle Époque. A place of unique attractions, the Vidago Palace Hotel reopened in 2010 with a mission to offer guests an authentic journey back in time. Its magical setting and architectural heritage have made it a living legend! A modern spa, golf course and top-flight restaurant complete an offering of excellence, making the hotel an undeniable point of reference. Discover this ‘world apart’, where you will find the poetry and magic of a truly special experience.
Lat: 41°38’24”N
Long: 7°34’22”W
Vidago Palace Golf is the course of Vidago Palace Hotel.
Parque de Vidago, Apartado 16
5425-307 Vidago
T: (+351) 276 990 920
F: (+351) 276 990 912
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